d(- -)b delivers the full DJ experience on the iPad.





+ zoomable realtime waveforms  
   with spectrum color coding
+ 4 cue points per deck
+ 3 band EQ with kill switches
+ loops from 1/64th to 8 bars
+ loop roll while track keeps  
+ automatic beat & grid detection
+ manually grid tracks if the
  detection is off
+ pitch coarse & fine faders for 
  10% / 1% pitch control


+ custom browser with access to
   the iTunes library
+ multi-route audio to pre-cue  
  tracks in stereo
use any class compliant USB
   Audio Interface as a secondary
   stereo output
+ use split output audio to do 
  mono monitoring
+ record stereo mixes - even
   without multi-route
+ optionally listen to the dry/wet 
  monitor signal instead of the 
  recorded main signal


a comprehensive in-app editor lets you create your own interfaces
you can choose from pre-installed templates with 1-4 Decks
you can create your own interface with up to 6 decks - on one or more pages -
making it the perfect tool for any use-case